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Elmo - Elmo is enthusiastic, friendly, and cheerful. He has a very positive, optimistic view of himself and life. Like others in his neighborhood, Elmo speaks a "monster language". He is usually seen with his best friend, Zoe. He has a pet goldfish named Dorothy. His favorite hobbies are tap dancing and playing the piano.
Tigger the Tiger - Tigger is his name and bouncing is his game, along with solving mysteries as a Super Sleuth. Tigger is upbeat and fun, but sometimes he jumps to conclusions a little too quickly. It’s good that there are lots of children in San Diego to help him take his time and "think, think, think."
Pooh Bear - Pooh lives in the Hundred Acre Wood. His Friends love him for his happy nature, helpful attitude, and straightforward reactions to the challenges that each day brings. Good company and a pot of honey are all it takes to make Pooh’s day.
Cookie - Cookie is the hungriest animal at Big Animals for Little Kids. Chocolate chip cookies are his favorite kind; oatmeal cookies are his second favorite. However, since 2006 he has said that cookies are "a sometime snack" and that he also likes fruits and eggplant.
Sponge Bob - Sponge Bob lives in a pineapple under the sea with his pet snail, Gary, who meows like a cat. He loves to spend his vacations away from Bikini Bottom with the Big Animals.

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